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• 3/6/2013 is now up!

Our wiki is up! However, please use here until I know we are about to import. We have a wiki at with Sherman's community but the wiki is indev. If you want to link to a page on this wiki such as a userpage from another great Brickimedia project, you don't need to get an external link. Just add s: on the beginning and it links to our wiki. (Such as s:User:SirComputer) It would be m: for meta and c: for customs. I'm not sure about Brickipedia. Maybe b: but I as I said, I am not sure. This will not work on THIS wiki, though. Only on the Brickimedia hosted wikis.

Also, please only edit userpages there until we have the wiki sorted out.

Thanks, SirComputer

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• 4/7/2013

Please redirect any merging questions to the Brickimedia wiki. Because we are developing the wiki and we were recently hit by spam, you will have to register on a different Brickimedia wiki. and remember to use your Wikia username and password for now so your edits will get transferred over. We can change your username, and you can reset your password, after the move. If you are paranoid about your password, no one will be able to see your password, not even people who have access to the files.

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